Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When my friends sent me this link to the above picture, I cackled with delight. I finally had proof that Robstew were in fact, Robstew.

Umm...I am kinda hatin' on my "legit couple name" right about now...because it's lunch time and Robstew is sounding pretty delicious."Get in my belly!"Anywho...let's discuss this.(

1) Look at Kstew's face. She is like, "Rob.Me.You.Behind.The.Dumpster.Now."

(2) Rob is "leaning". As anyone seen "While you are Sleeping"? If not, please leave my blog right this moment. I hate you. Ok...i don't hate you. I am so nice I will give you permission to leave right now and rent it. Anyway, he is totally "leaning" into Kristen...which we know is a sign of "wanting." The End.

(3) The girl in front of Kristen is cleary disoriented. Meaning she was either drunk...or more probable, "dazzled" by Rob.

So, if that girl is so is Kstew able to be that close to Rob at that moment without being dead on the floor? It's because she has had practice. Yes my friends...she has been dazzled before.So, I have been saying it for years...and by years I mean, 6 months. Rob and Kstew are "shacking up." The end.PS...look at that picture again, if you don't believe me. kthanxbye!

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