Monday, August 31, 2009

EW:Give me the low down. how was the show?
AG: It was incredible. Omigod, so incredible, yeah...
EW: Could they get any louder tonight, you think?
KS: I dunno, I think I've heard that, right? I mean,you're definitely...
TL: It's hard to tell.
EW: Everytime somebody came out, I interview them,
they just said "...don't mention anybody from the cast of Twilight,
and everything will be okay.
As soon as you do, the place erupts." Is that the case?
AG: It's Rob Pattinson, in particular.
JR: True. Robert--
AG: ...that gonna...does it.
NR: It's just when you say any of the boys' names,
AG: Yeah, and the boys.
NR: ...and the place erupts.
EW: Should we do the--- see how it gets any louder.
NR: No.
EW: You guys are all leaving.
I think I talked to almost everybody about the trip up North.
*to KS* You didn't talk up-front,
how do you feel about you're heading back tomorrow, everybody's leading, right?
Am I doing my maths right?
ALL: Yeah.
KS: Yeah, I know, I felt like totally left out.
They've been there for like..what? Like a week and a half?
So, I got tomorrow.Yeah, we're really excited.
EW: You're looking forward, too, right? What about this one?
Is there anything you wanna share with us?
Any little-- that you, maybe personally looking forward to?
In the third installment?
KS: I can't--
TL: She's looking forward to the sleeping bag scene with me.
KS: *giggles* I know, I can't wait to see all three of them together;
Jacob, Edward and Bella, and like... *gestures complication with fingers*
TL: Yeah, it'll be good.
KS: Really-- *presses lips to TL's shoulder*
EW: I don't know if he's coming out or not,
but should we talk about him like he's not here?
TL + KS: Yeah, let's do it (talking)...
EW: Where is he? Is he hiding out?
AG: How can we...?
TL: How can we sure? Just talk.
AG: ... corners.
NR: Who are we talking about?
EW: *whispers* Mr. Pattinson, is he here?
NR: Oh. He's probably hiding.
EW: Is he?
NR: Yeah.
KS: You know what? This is him. Right now. In the bathroom.
*impersonates Rpattz, running hand into his head,
pulling and twisting strands of hair into curls*

----everybody burst out laughing---

TL: Watch... she'll make his accent, too.

EW: Now, this tells me this cast gets along pretty well.
Right? Is that right?
TL: Sure.
EW: So, who keeps who waiting longer on the set?
Is there any of you that...
NR: We always waiting for Rob.
AG: It's always Rob.
NR: Yeah.
AG: It's always Rob.
EW: Always waiting..
AG: We're waiting for Rob for like...
EW. Again, it is the hair story?
KL: *snickers and twist his lollipop*
NR: It's the hair. His hair takes the longest time.
AG: He's like... quite toss it correctly.
EW: Can anybody confirm that it is real hair? Do we know it's all his?
NR: No!
AG: Hair-plugs.
TL: I'm not quite sure.
KS: You know what? He--, it's a 'chiapet'.
EW: Chia..? A chiap--?
TL: Wha..?
KS: He sprays this stuff on it every morning.
And just go... *hands motion the enlarged-effect*
EW: You know when he's gonna get down on here, I'm gonna call him on that.
NR: It's a ---ing, that was----. It's a chiapet.
EW: Just real quick,
Anybody wanna tell me what they remember about their teen years the most?
What is the --- (fond?) memory that you have about your teen years?
Anybody wants to...
JR: ---- (I swear I dunno what he said)
AG: *laughs with JR on his remark*
NR: I'm not speaking. I made a movie about it, and I don't wanna talk about it anymore.
TL: Teen years were a long, long time ago,
AG: Oh, yeah...
TL: ...I'm trying to think back there. I'm not quite sure.
It's a tough question.
EW: *to Kristen*
KS: *disgusted face* ...ergh!
----all laughing*
KS: Ergghh!
EW: Wanna move on?
KS: Yeah. I dunno, I'm nineteen. So it's like, it's hard to say.
No, honestly it's like I feel like the same person.
Like when I was 5-years-old, I feel like I'm still that girl.
TL: It's true.
EW: ...big fan of Joan Jett. Of course, her music is my genereation, but you're dealing that.
How does it feel, playing Joan?
KS: It's a loaded question. It's hard to say,
I don't wanna answer it in fear of making it sound like...trivial.
It means a lot. It means like... everything.
EW: So, I'm looking forward to the role.
Should I be this excited about it? Because i think it's an awesome part to play.
KS: Yeah. I know, it's a really important movie.
I mean, not too many people actually know about The Runaways.
I mean, everybody knows Joan Jett, but to see where she started,
and what they did for... rock and roll.
I know it sounds kinda lame, but like what they did for--,
it really changed everything, so...

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