Thursday, August 27, 2009

More On Catherine Hardwicke’s Next Movie ‘Hamlet’

Posted in: Catherine Hardwicke. spoke with Emile Hirsch who will star in Catherine Hardwicke’s next movie ‘Hamlet’. Catherine mentioned in a previous interview that two Twilight stars have auditioned for a role in this movie, but she didn’t say who.
Emile: I’m working on a modern-day younger adaptation of “Hamlet”, inverse, molded to be almost like this supernatural horror movie. Whereit’s not a horror-slasher movie, it’s like a suspense-horror. It’salmost like mixing “Hamlet” with “The Shining” a little bit and makingthis kind of scary/cool vision of the play. But all geared towards-allthe cast will be much younger and it’s geared towards a youngeraudience. Catherine Hardwicke, who did “Twilight” and “Lords ofDogtown”, we’re working on that together right now.
Read the rest of the interview HERE.

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