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MTV Talks To Cris Wheiz

MTV spoke with Chris Weitz at Comic-Con. Here’s their interview:

MTV: Chris, “New Moon” has a lot of disparate elements. You need to portray a love that’s Shakespearean, like “Romeo and Juliet,” but at the same time do action scenes and car chases, and at the same time do effects work with werewolves and vampires. Which is the hardest, and how are you dealing with it?

Chris Weitz: The hardest thing to do is to blend all these elements into one thing that seems like a coherent whole. We [need to make sure we] don’t just stop for the action sequence or stop and have the audience say, “Oh, what a great special effect!” You want it to be a complete, seamless experience in which the emotions of the characters are what’s foremost. The hardest thing, but also the most enjoyable thing, is working with actors. You can control everything else, except the weather — what really matters is the characters and the feelings that they evoke in the readers of the book. It’s the hardest stuff, but it’s also the stuff that makes it the most satisfying when you get it right.

MTV: In last year’s “Twilight” movie, Stephenie Meyer had a cameo that the fans really loved. Will we see her in “New Moon”?

Weitz: You have to look very carefully for it. No, she doesn’t actually. If she had asked, I would have definitely put her in. But I think that she may have decided against experiencing that again, because frankly, to be an extra in a movie or a day player is a lot of sitting around. People don’t realize the sheer tedium that a movie set embodies; she was probably like, “Well, I’ll sit this one out.”

MTV: We all remember that there was a lot of drama around whether Taylor would return for “New Moon.” How close did he come to not being asked back?
Weitz: When I first met with him, I took off my shirt and I said, “You’ve got two months to look this good.” And he said, “I’m willing to try that.” Finally, he came back, and the results were just about as good as my abs. [Laughs.]

MTV: You must have a real six-pack.

Weitz: To answer your question seriously, the character in the second book is meant to be 6-foot-5, let alone transform into a werewolf and all that stuff. And Taylor, having only done three days of work in the first [movie], it was time to take a pause and say, “Should Taylor go ahead and do it?” My overwhelming feeling was, “Yes, absolutely, let’s go forward with it.” To me, it wasn’t a very difficult decision. For Taylor, it wasn’t difficult at all. He knew the character, and he embodied the character — as people are going to see in the movie. So it wasn’t really as tense and as scary a moment as it was portrayed in the media.

MTV: What can you tell us about Dakota Fanning’s performance as the evil vampire Jane?

Weitz: Well, it’s the scariest performance probably you’ve seen out of her so far, because she’s evil for once in her career. I think she really appreciated the chance to do that.

MTV: Yeah, she must turn that “adorable Dakota Fanning” thing on its ear.
Weitz: Absolutely. But what you expect from Dakota Fanning is uncannily grown-up, experienced and clever acting — and that’s what she did. I think she was just keen to do this part and to be part of the franchise, and she is genuinely scary.

MTV: Fans at Comic-Con saw a few brief shots of “apparition” Edward. What was your thought process as you reinterpreted Bella’s feelings of his presence?

Weitz: I would best describe him [in the movie] as an image that represents Bella’s sense of self-protection and her love for Edward. Really, it’s very subjective to Bella’s experience. It’s our filmic way of representing what Stephenie describes in this book, which is hearing his voice. It’s ephemeral and very subtle. We didn’t want to hit things over the head. The thing to describe him best is a flame-like apparition … very subtle and elegant. That’s what we’re aiming for.
Video HERE.

Thanks to TMZ for letting us know about a new case against Stephenie Meyer in which she’s

accused of ripping off some unknown vampire novel for the fourth installment of the series ‘Breaking Dawn’ by an equally unknown writer. According to TMZ:

Turns out Stephenie Meyer, the woman behind the Twilight series, isn’t the onlyperson to write

about sexy vampires — ’cause she’s being accused of ripping off thestoryline for her fourth ultra-

successful book by a less famous, less rich author.

A woman named Jordan Scott fired off a cease and desist letter to the publisher of“Breaking

Dawn” — the fourth book in the series — claiming the Twilight talecontains a “striking and

substantial similarity” to Scott’s book, “The Nocturne.”

In her extremely detailed letter , Scottclaims her book was published in 2006 — two years

before “Breaking Dawn” — andit’s no coincidence that many of the scenes are almost identical.

Such as…

– Both books contain a post-wedding sex scene– Both books contain a scene about a woman who’s sick because she’s carrying achild with “evil powers”

– Both books contain a scene with the death of the main character’s wife
And according to Scott, the dialogue in all of these scenes

— and more

— is extremely similar.
But Meyer’s rep is calling BS

— telling TMZ, “The claim that ‘Breaking Dawn’ byStephenie Meyer somehow infringes on an alleged book by someone named Jordan Scottis completely without merit. Neither Stephenie Meyer nor her representatives had anyknowledge of this writer or her supposed book prior to this claim.”

You know you’ve made it when some loser tries to accuse you of stealing their unknown work. It happened to J.K. Rowling and Stephen King!

The cast is starting to take off to Vancouver for the rehearsals of ‘Eclipse’, which will begin filming in two weeks. Right now Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser, newcomer Xavier Samuel (Riley) and Bryce Dallas Howard (taking over the role of Victoria) are the first cast members to arrive in Vancity.

>>Source: TwiFans.

Bryce Dallas Howard, the actress who will replace Rachelle Lefevre for the role of Victoria in ‘Eclipse’ is heading to Vancouver to start rehearsing for the movie. Guess it’s more than official now that Rachelle won’t be coming back despite fans holding one last hope, making petitions and support projects to keep her in the franchise.
We will miss Rachelle very much, as she became quickly one of the favorites. We wish her the best and we can’t wait to see her upcoming projects. She has earned her own fans now :). Also, we are looking forward to her last performance as Victoria in ‘New Moon’.
Let’s welcome Bryce, whose job will not be easy since she will be taking over a character that has been established in two previous movies, and who will start to play a more intense side of this character without ever playing it before. Also, she’s stepping into a franchise not with a new role, but with a role that was played by someone else before. And in the midst of some pretty heavy controversy, no less. That can’ be easy. Let’s be supportive. I think the Twilight fans can show her that we are warm and welcoming, and we can’t wait to see what she brings out for the character. They truly chose a very good actress to take over tis job, in my humble opinion.
>> Click here to see the pictures of Bryce leaving LA for Vancouver.

USA Today has a new article on Stephenie’s books continuing to take over the best sellers list, breaking previous records. The article also mentions Stephenie working on a new unknown book.
Stephenie Meyer’s four-book Twilight series has sunk its fangs into USA TODAY’s Best-Selling Books list — with no signs of letting go. Meyer’s domination of the list for the past 12 months has smashed records that until now had belonged to J.K. Rowling.
Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the teen-vampire romance series, entered the list at No. 1 on Aug. 2, 2008. Its sales and those of Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse, the first three books, have remained staggering.
This week, Meyer’s novels are Nos. 4, 5, 6 and 7 on USA TODAY’s list.
Rowling, overall, has sold more books than Meyer — her seven-book series about boy wizard Harry Potter has 143 million copies in print in the USA, while Meyer has sold 40 million copies of her four books. But Rowling can’t match Meyer’s control of the list.
Breaking Dawn and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the two authors’ fourth installments, entered the list at No. 1, but Meyer’s series has had more staying power.
The Twilight books have stayed in the list’s top 10 for 52 consecutive weeks. They held the first four spots a total of 13 weeks in the past year.
Rowling’s first four Potter books were top 10 for 13 consecutive weeks, 24 weeks total, for the first year after Goblet’s publication and held the first four spots for two weeks.
Breaking Dawn broke the first-day sales record for publisher Hachette at 1.3 million copies.
Based on aggressive marketing of Meyer’s series, this November’s release of the film version of New Moon and the upcoming holiday gift-buying season, Twilight books could dominate the list well into 2010.
“The books continue to find new audiences,” says Carol Fitzgerald of BookReporter.com, “so sales can still roll on bigger and bigger. The Twilight graphic novel that was just announced is going to bring a whole new audience to the books, and interest in the movies will keep people reading the books, as well.”
The franchise is expanding further with Twilight Journals ($24.99), Oct. 13; New Moon Collector’s Edition ($30) Oct. 13; and various New Moon movie tie-in editions through the fall.When Meyer might publish a new novel isn’t known, says Megan Tingley of Hachette’s Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. She’s “enjoying the writing process without a deadline or targeted publication date.”
This unknown book could be a sequel for The Host, Twilight’s Midnight Sun or something entirely new. Can’t wait to find out!
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Official Site Portraits With Transparent Backgrounds
Posted in: New Moon The Movie

Courtesy of TwilightxChange we have the portraits seen on the official site but with transparent backgrounds. You can use these better if you’re making manips, or simply as wallpapers, without any of the official site’s text.
>> Click here to see them.

We also updated this same album yesterday with the HQ pictures from the site, with no text either :).

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